Burger Bar Amsterdam

A burger joint located on Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam where you can customize your own burger to your taste by choosing the bun, type of meat, toppings and sauce it is the Ikea of burgers but you don’t have to do the actual assembly your self.

When we at TheFoodPerv.com entered Burger Bar there where only a handful of people there but it quickly filled up in just minutes after we arrived and seemed to be a quite busy place. We were greeted by a really nice and jolly service clerk that didn’t seem to mind that we had a serious case of decision anxiety and help us get through it as best as he could.

We had a lot to choose from, first is the bun, light or dark, then comes the choice between four different types of meat, chicken or Portobello as the main ingredient. Then there are the toppings to choose from, three types of cheese, bacon, mushrooms, avocado, onions, egg and jalapeno. Then you can have their Belgian fries and you can choose from eleven different types of dips for them.

We decided to try out the Wagyu beef burger 200 gr style, they also come in 270 gr, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, fried mushrooms and fried onions and a side order of fries with BBQ sauce for a dip.

We thought that the combinations of the toppings worked well together and the meat was rich in taste but for our opinion it was a little over cooked but that is mainly our fault since they do state that they cook their burgers medium well / well done unless asked otherwise. Even though cooked all the way up to well done the burger held enough moisture and was very tasty, but next time we will be sure to ask for a medium rare / medium cooked burger.

One thing to note is when you have decided how you want your burger assembled you need to present your wishes in the right order since their computer system didn’t seem to handle you asking for a burger and toppings and then decide you wanted a different sauce on your burger than their classic sauce and the clerk had to start all over with the order.

The price can go as low as €4 for a basic burger but can easily go up to €20 if you go all-in with their most expansive meat in a 270 gr burger and go all-in with toppings and fries.

The Burger Bar in defiantly a place to visit if you are ever so lucky to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam if you like burgers, sadly we were just so full that we could not try out their vegan Portobello burger.


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