Fjöruborðið Restaurant

Located in Stokkseyri, Iceland, a small fishing village of roughly 600 inhabitants, the Fjöruborðið Restaurant was originally founded as a café in the late 80’s. Since its placement on the shore of the Atlantic ocean it drew its name “Við Fjöruborðið” which roughly translates to “At the seashore”.

Fjöruborðið was ran for about three years as a café at which time they started serving lobster from the lobster processing plant next door and gradually turning the café with homemade lobster soup and cakes into a successful restaurant that can seat up to 240 guests at a time.

When we at got there we knew that it was not an option to skip their infamous Lobster soup as main course. But how can you go to a restaurant that specializes in lobster without trying some garlic-fried lobster tails and so we did! We ordered the soup for a table of four and 400 gr of lobster with trimmings for the table.

First to arrive was a basket of bread served with three different sauces, sweet garlic, tapenade and spiced yoghurt of which we found the sweet garlic to be the most interesting and quite tasty. The bread how ever could have been a little more interesting for our taste and maybe of more than one type.

The lobster soup came served in nice and colorful dishes and had a few lobster tails added into the soup. The soup itself was creamy and was perfectly spicy for our taste but the lobster stock from which it was made might have had a little more power to it. A few minutes after we were served the soup, our waitress brought us a bowl of additional soup, at least enough to fill our bowls once more.

Then came a pan filled with lobster tails, small Icelandic potatoes and lemons, spiced with garlic, salt, pepper and other spices all fried in butter. This means you have to get dirty and dig in with your hands, cracking open the shell and get the meat out yourself and it is well worth it! The lobster was cooked perfectly and the garlic and spices worked well with it in combination with the small potatoes soaked in garlic butter that were really delicious. Simple and really tasty lobster dish that is set up to share with everyone at your table.

If you are worried about getting your hands dirty cracking open your lobsters, don’t be since you are brought warm moist towels to wipe your hands after your meal.

The lobster soup comes in two different sized portions, as a starter priced at 1650 ISK / 13 USD and as a main course priced at 2050 ISK / 16 USD but the Lobster comes in three portion sizes, 250, 300 and 400 gr (8.8, 10.5 and 14 oz) that can be shared amongst the table or had as a main corse for a single person, ranging in price from 3850 ISK / 30 USD to 5750 ISK / 45 USD depending on the portion size or if you want it with trimmings or not.


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