Geysir Bistro & Bar Brunch

In the heart of downtown Reykjavík you find Geysir Bistro & Bar located in an old and charismatic building which was newly renovated, where they pride themselves on offering fresh icelandic ingredients in all dishes, but as it was a sunday just after noon it was time for the Food Pervert to try out their brunch which we can not say is really traditionally icelandic but moste of the ingredients were.

This dish is visually quite appealing for a brunch balancing nice colors and has something for everybody, scrambled eggs, bacon, icelandic sausages, fried camembert, fried potato cubes, pancake with maple syrup on the side, toast with ham and cheese, pineapple, cantaloupe, orange slice and blueberry Skyr, the traditional icelandic dairy product, similar to strained yogurt but technically it is not, it’s cheese.

Every thing tasted really nice, specially the skyr and the fried camembert but unfortunately there was a downside, where it seemed like the fresh ingredients in this dish had been prepared a little too early since the ham and the fruits where dried out. Priced at 1.895 ISK (about 15 USD) we would have liked to see the fresh ingredients fresh.

For those that would like to go healthier we might add that up on request we had no problem skipping the meets out for more fruit and vegetables for our non-red meat friend.

Geysir Brunch


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