Ida Davidsen Smørrebrød

Smørrebrød or Danish open sandwiches is what Ida Davidsen is all about and their history can be traced back five generations of Davidsens, all the way back to 1888, so you can be absolutely sure that the craft of smørrebrød has been mastered within this family for the past 124 years or so.

Before we at showed up at Ida Davidsen, we contacted them and asked if they could recommend any of their famous smørrebrøds to us since their menu lists over 250 different courses and is over 140 cm long, the longest in the world and is registered in the Guinness Book of records for.

When we arrived we were greeted by the most friendly staff and told that Ida her self had already prepared a plate with over a dozen different courses for us to try which she thought would be most descriptive for her smørrebrød, what a treat! was accompanied by a few friends so we were total six people. When the two trays with smørrebrøds arrived, we have to say that the crowd was a little amazed, for the courses were all so delicately prepared and all of them looked stunning, so stunning that there was no option except sharing every smørrebrød amongst the table since basically no one wanted to miss out on a single smørrebrød.

The diversity in the courses was intensive, ranging from roast beef, shrimp, salmon, potatoes, pork and bacon to smoked duck, eel, plaice fillet and smoked swordfish to name a few. Of course given such a variety of courses people didn’t totally agree on most of the courses since taste in food tends to differ from person to person, some liked the swordfish with wagame sea weed while others loved the smoked duck breast with red salad but throughout the group there was no course that nobody liked but it seemed that every one around the table liked what seemed to be perhaps the most simple course, namely the shrimp with egg and tartar sauce, where the most of the table agreed that they had never tasted any shrimp sandwich, or open sandwich for that matter that tasted as good as this one!

The price range of smørrebrød range from around 50 DKK / 8.25 USD  to 190 DKK / 31 USD depending on size and what type of ingredients are used. This may seem a little pricey for an open sandwich but we assure you that this legendary place is where the locals dine and they have a lot of regulars. The place where you can be sure you get the best meals is exactly where the locals dine anywhere you are in the world


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