Osushi – The Train

Osushi originally opened in 2005 as one of the first sushi dedicated restaurants in Iceland. In 2008 Osushi opened a second restaurant in Reykjavík where both feature conveyor belt sushi also known as a sushi train.

When we arrived at Osushi around 8 pm on a week night we realized that this is quite the popular place. We were greeted by a really pleasant receptionist that offered us to take a seat at the waiting area while we waited for seats at the sushi train and were told that it would take up to 15 minutes before seats would be available and that we did. After about 10 minutes waiting we were told that our seats were ready.

After sitting at the sushi train for a few minutes, observing the dishes that rolled by us, we realized that they don’t just serve ordinary sushi as they try to suit every one with courses from sashimi, maki and nigiri to chicken spears and beef tenderloin so we had to try a little of every direction.

First dish we chose was a maki roll topped with some sauce, wich turned out to be a fried chicken maki roll with avocado, wasabi, topped with chilli mayo, which is not your typical sushi but turned out to be excellent, a little crunchy on the inside and the dressing and the wasabi gave it a good kick.

Next up was a teriyaki chicken fillet spear topped with sesame seeds. This was an utter disappointment, where the chicken might as well have been cooked the day before or even the day before that since it had all the characteristics of that, being like rubber to chew through.

Now it was time to try out some of the more ordinary sushi, where we started with the salmon sashimi with light pickled cucumbers and lime. The salmon was really good and worked well with the lime and the cucumbers. We followed this with a tuna tartar with chili, sesame seeds, spring onion, coriander and lime which was even better than the salmon.

The maki rolls we tried out were salmon with avocado, cream cheese and dill and on the other hand a crab roll with avocado and topped with salmon, lobster and tuna. The first could have done with a little less of the cream cheese since it felt like eating a roll filled with butter but the crab roll was excellent.

The lightly grilled  beef tenderloin with teriyaki, sesame seeds and rucola was just perfect, dressed with just enough teriyaki and beef just works so well with rucola, just a really simple and good course.

Osushi, the train is a fun place to visit with your friends, where you just sit down and watch your sushi dishes pass you by until you snatch one that you really like, and you are very likely to snatch a few more. The dishes are all color coded and each color represents the price of the dish ranging from 220 ISK / 1,80 USD to 440 ISK / 3,60 USD.

The thought could not escape us after having that chicken spear that we did not have any clue to how long the dishes had been circling the train. Every one likes their sushi fresh and this could be easily fixed by adding a label displaying the time the dish was added to the train on the lid of each dish, that way people could be sure they are getting properly fresh sushi.

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