Silfurtunglið Restaurant and Bar [Closed]

Silfurtunglið Restaurant and Bar (The Silver Moon) is really beautiful and well decorated restaurant in 60’s style with a modern twist and is located on Snorrabraut in Reykjavík, Iceland. It is decorated with photographs and items that relate to the history of the place from 1955 – 1975. The restaurant just opened again in the beginning of April after being closed for 37 years. and a few sidekicks decided to try this new, but historical restaurant out. At our arrival around 20:00 on a Sunday evening we were a little surprised to see the restaurant almost completely empty, that made us a little sad since this beautiful restaurant should be close to fully booked at that time. By the time we were leaving a few additional guests turned up and the only waitress on call that night was really busy running around taking and serving orders.

We came there to try the restaurants opening offer that offered three different dishes at a discount price with beverage included, soda or beer at a really affordable price of 1500 ISK / 12 USD. These meals included Romain Chicken Salad, Beef Burger and a Slow cooked Pork Sandwich. We agreed on trying out the Romain Chicken Salad and the Slow cooked Pork Sandwich and we had no idea what to expect, if it would be served as a sloppy sandwich or as something that would please the eye as well as your taste buds.

We were taken by a little surprise when the salad was served to us, it was a beautiful dish! Lettuce dressed with spicy ginger sauce, topped chicken breast, crisp bacon, camembert and crushed nacho chips and beautiful long strings of carrot. The salad was perfectly dressed and had wonderful flavor and texture combinations.

The Sandwich was also beautifully presented as we might, the bread was delicious and creative for a pork sandwich, topped with fried onions and toasted with garlic seasoning, the pork was tender and had great flavor to it and it worked well together with the coleslaw and sweet onions. The sweet potato fries where crisp and packed with flavor.

Since we were so pleased with our previous experience at Silfurtunglið, a couple of days later we decided we wanted to go back to try out the burger. We arrived a little later this time about 15 – 20 minutes before closing and we were greeted by the waitress with the message that they had cleaned the kitchen and would not be serving any more customers that night. But up on our request and pointing out that their opening hours are until 22:00 the waitress asked the chef and he agreed to serve us.

Then came the real disappointment, one of our companions wanted the beautiful salad she had tried before and liked so much, it looked nothing like that salad she had ordered two days before and tasted awfully, over dressed and rather stale. We even decided not to take a picture of it since it would not be appealing for our visually directed food blog.

The Beef Burger was served to us with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet onions, Gouda cheese, topped with mustard sauce and served sweet potato fries. Its presentation was fine for a burger, though it did not meet our expectations we had from the presentation of the salad and the pig sandwich from our earlier visit. But our disappointment doesn’t stop there because the bun was not fresh and the burger itself was really dry and well over cooked.

Throwing away the standard of a restaurant just because it is 15 minutes to closing should never ever happen since if the later dining experience had been our first we would never have thought about going there again. During our first visit we talked much about that it would be fun to be able to go there again for a full a la carte menu this summer and we are still considering to do so with a hope of the standard being up to par with our first visit.

Hopefully Silfurtunglið will be open for many years to come and may they learn from their mistakes.


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