Starters Restaurant and Bar

Forréttabarinn or Starters Restaurant and Bar is located in down town Reykjavík, Iceland. It offers  a mixture between tapas and bistro style menu served in whole and half portions and divided between hot, warm and cold dishes as well as deserts which come only in full portions.

The environment is really low-key and yet cosy, with an open kitchen which works well to create an easy-going atmosphere and very well suited for friends get together to catch up or just plainly to have a few dishes, drinks and dash of fun!

The menu consists of 17 dishes divided  between hot, warm and cold of which we decided to try four of in half sizes, that seemed most appealing to us. Deciding on the Smoked Salmon Pizza, Chicken Tandoori, Salted Cod Waffle and the Horse “Wellington” and there balancing between safe and unknown.

As you can see on the photos the dishes do not lack anything for the eye but we agreed that they looked better than they actually tasted, where for the Salmon Pizza the cheese top didn’t really compliment the salmon and they could have used mushrooms with a little more flavor for the Horse “Wellington”.

The courses are reasonably priced at 1190 ISK for whole portion and 790 ISK for a half one (about 9.50 USD / 6.50 USD) .

Over all the experience was quite good and this place can be recommended as place to try out with a group of friends for drinks and light dine.




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