UNO Cucina Italiana

The restaurant was opened in January 2011 and like its name suggest, specializes in Italian cuisine prepared from fresh Icelandic ingredients. Uno Cucina Italiana is located in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland by a square named after one of the first settlers of Iceland Ingólfur Arnarson.

At Uno you find every thing from small tapas like courses to full blown meals. The smaller courses you can combine to create your own meal or to share with your companions.

The menu features traditional Italian courses with a little hint of Iceland such as the smoked lamb carpaccio and the mink whale carpaccio. The menus’ courses include antipasta, main courses of meat and fish, risotto, salads and fresh pasta dishes, which they make their own pasta for daily. So there should be something for most people.

With this interesting menu, we at The Food Pervert decided to give it a go and try out some of their smaller dishes.

To start with we tried out their Garlic Baked Lobster Tails, garnished with parsley, lemon, Parmesan and grilled bread. The lobster was presented in a jar on a thick wooden plate, a really pleasant presentation. The lobster was cooked perfectly but for the taste of The Food Pervert it could have used a little more garlic and salt that time.

Secondly we went for the Oxtail Rigatoni with slow cooked ox tail, mushrooms, Parmesan and pickled chili. A delicious looking dish and the taste did not disappoint as it tasted as well as it looked. The only down side was the pasta was well over cooked which was really disappointing since the dish was so tasty.

Finally we decided to try out the Bruschetta Platter, which turned out to be three different types of Bruschettas in pairs, Bruschetta Salmone with Icelandic smoked salmon, marscapone cream, rucola and arctic char caviar. Secondly Bruschetta with Prosciutto di parma, pesto, tomatoes and Prima Donna cheese and thirdly Bruschetta with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. All these bruschettas where visually appealing and presented on a nice wooden plank with a handle.

Of these three bruschettas the Bruchetta Salmone stood out as the best, both visually and taste vise. Second was the Bruschetta Prosciutto but it could have gone without the tomatoes in our opinion. The Bruschetta Mozzarella looked nice but lacked a lot taste vise and we found it to be quite dull, but we reckon it could be saved with as little as a pinch of salt and pepper sprinkle.

The prices are compatible for Icelandic standards for similar quality dishes. 1790 ISK / 14 USD for the baked lobster, 1890 ISK / 14,50 USD for the Oxtail Rigatoni and 1990 ISK / 15 USD for the Bruschetta Platter.

On the menu appetizers range from 790 ISK / USD to 1990 ISK / 15 USD and main courses from 2490 ISK / 19 USD to 4490 ISK / 35 USD, with pasta and salads ranging somewhere in between the appetizers and main courses.


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