La Luna Pizzeria

La Luna Pizzeria opened its trattoria pizzeria in May 2011 in a building on Rauðarárstígur which used to house a soda factory and a brewery in the 1930’s up until 1967. Since then some of the interior from the brewery has been used for decorations, like part of the brew tanks, which combined with other decorations create a unique pizzeria dining experience.

Spaghetti Polpette was our first course to try out at this newly opened pizzeria you could tell that the meatballs were freshly made and every thing except the spaghetti was made from the ground up out of fresh ingredients, but we found it to lack a little bit in taste where it needed a little more kick and of course it wouldn’t spoil if the spaghetti would be fresh.

Then we move on to the pizzas where we need to say: “Hold the presses we believe we just found the best pizza in town!”. Their pride is the dough, which they treat with the utter most care and let it rise and develop to it fullest with their own blend of yeast and where it is treated like sour dough.

The thickness of the pizza bread was just perfect and baked in a wood oven that gave a great taste to it. Pizza makers often fall into a pit of putting too much sauce on their pizza but we can assure you this is not the case with La Luna pizzas where the sauce just complements the toppings.

Their cheesy garlic bread is great where the balance of garlic cheese and saltines is just the way we like it and we would recommend it as a side dish with either a pizza or one of their pasta dishes.

La Luna has 35 different pizzas on their menu and each comes two sizes 12″ and 16″ and range from 1.590 ISK / 12 USD – 2.590 ISK / 20 for the 12″ and 1.990 ISK / 15.50 USD – 3.190 ISK / 25 USD for the 16″.


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