Sushisamba opened about two years ago in down town Reykjavík, Iceland and offers Japanese and South-American fusion cuisine in a fun and beautiful environment and they usually are booked up during dinner so we would advise you to make reservations.


Despite what you might think Sushisamba is a about more than raw fish, they offer a wide selection of cooked courses also, ranging from fish, chicken and duck to beef. But like the name Sushisamba suggest, they of course offer a wide selection of sushi, be it Sashimi, Nigiri, Uramaki, Kaburamaki or Futomaki.

We at went to Sushisamba as a part of seven people group and as adventurous we are we all decided on taking two different types of surprise menu Sushisamba has to offer with five courses each, some decided on the Samba menu while others decided on the Sushisamba menu, the difference between the two is that the Samba menu focuses on the samba style of the kitchen while the Sushisamba menu focuses on both sushi and the samba style, we tried a bit of both.

Both groups received the Foamy Seafood soup with coconut, ginger and chili, a silky smooth soup with excellent flavours and a really nice way to start a five course dinner.

Next up was what they called a Langoustine Cigar, a Spring roll filled with langoustine with Chorizo, dates, chili jam and refreshing salad. Unless you have shellfish allergies you just can’t go wrong with langoustine, an fantastic dish where the chili chutney works wonderfully with the roll.

From the Samba menu we got to try a pan fried cod with pumpkin, miniature orange and vanilla nuts served in a small skillet. The cod was perfectly cooked and basically melted in your mouth and the garnish just topped that both in flavor and its visual presentation.

For our Sushisamba menu we got two types of rolls, one with tuna tartar and jalapeño mayo and the other one Panco roll with salmon, tuna and shrimp tartar, both served on a bamboo leaf with wasabi and pickled ginger with out going into great length about them both rolls were just exceptional, fresh and really tasty, every thing you would ever want from Sushi.

For the main course we got a Beef tenderloin with potato chips, onion jam, celeriac mayo and cardamom glaze. A beautiful dish where they put they put the tender in tenderloin and the cardamom glaze was superb with the meat. A great way to end the main courses with.

The desert we were served was what they call The “Crazy” Caramel, a Caramel fudge, hazelnut praline, caramel sauce, dulche de leche and salt caramel ice cream. If you are a genuine sweet tooth this is defiantly for you but for our taste this was little too sweet and lacked more balance against the sweetness.

The only down side to this experience was the service we received, having made reservations a month in advance, we waited for almost an hour for our table and no attempt was made by the staff to make the wait more pleasant for us, except up on our request we received complementary drinks after about forty minutes of wait.

The price for the five course menus ranges from 7.490 ISK / 62 USD to 7.990 ISK / 66 USD, sushi from 1.990 ISK / 16.50 USD to 2.790 ISK / 23 USD and main courses 3.990 ISK / 33 USD to 5.490 ISK / 45 USD a really decent value for your money.


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