Vegamót has for years managed to pull of a lunch by day, dinner by evening and a club by night. Maybe this combination and food is their key to success and long life?

Malaysian style Cod was invited to join Inga of for dinner at Vegamót in the company of travelers and awesome travel bloggers so we decided to do a little twist on our previous restaurant reviews and ask them to do a little reviewing of their own.

First up is Laura Hundersmarck a Photographer and an intern at
“The Caesar Salad a la Vegamot is unique twist off the normal Caesar salads one would find in the States. It is spiced up with fresh parmesan, cucumbers, pecans, tomatoes and bacon. The dressing tastes more like a “Hamborgara Sósa” (traditional Icelandic Hamburger sauce) than a Caesar style which was surprisingly tasty. They also, thankfully, did not douse the salad with too much dressing; the mark of a good salad!”

Marika Paz a self-taught illustrator:
I ordered the curry and it was really yummy! Lots of veggies, sweet with just a hint of spicy aftertaste. Really not too spicy for my taste buds, it was delicious. It was a large helping- I couldn’t finish it all!”

Nicole Smith a travel blogger from Australia:
Whilst in Reykjavik I visited a number of the cities best restaurants but Vegamót was amongst my favourite. I stuck to their trademark Mexican menu and found the food to be filled with fresh ingredients and the meat was perfectly cooked – still juicy and full of flavour.

Liz Carlson a travel blogger from New Zealand:
The seafood quesadilla at Vegamót is the perfect fusion of the local Icelandic staple – seafood and international cuisine. Stuffed full with giant shrimp and lobster, it is the perfect hearty and decadent dish I was hoping for, with enough spice and flavor to keep it interesting.It has definitely set the bar high for favorite Mexican food around the world. Can’t wait to go back one day!

Now for us at! We started of by ordering the “Tapas a la Vegamót” platter which is suggested for two, but if you are planning on ordering a main course this platter should be enough to split for three to four persons, but then again you might be a Hungry, Hungry Hippo, but seriously this would be a great snack for two to four persons with a glass of wine or a pint of beer. The platter came with a wide variety of things, cheese, meats, bread and shellfish and was kind of an all-star dish for what Vegamót has to offer.

As a main course we decided to try the Cod Malaysian style that came with awesome spicy fried rice rich of flavor, which stood out of the dish since the cod was unfortunately a little over cooked and dry, with that set a side, this had been a really delightful dish.


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