The Food Pervert is a collaboration between two Icelandic Food Perverts that have a deep passion for all things eatable and its presentation which they will try to reflect here on this site.

At this time the blog focuses manly on restaurant critique in Iceland and recipes that we make our selves either from ground up or by tweaking other well known recipes, but this is bound to evolve as time passes.

We do not use professional camera equipment but instead we rely on mobile photography which saves use a lot of time of post processing and it is a lot less imitating to show up at a restaurant with a mobile phone instead of a bulky professional camera .

If you are a restaurant owner that would like us to review your restaurant don’t hesitate to contact us.


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  1. Very interesting blog. How are the Indian/Chinese restaurants? I saw that there are a couple of Indian restaurants and some noodle shops in Reykjavik.

    • Thank you Sen!

      We do not have that many Chinese restaurants here in Iceland, but we have quite a few Thai restaurants of which I could recommend Bhan Thai, a family owned restaurant with a really small kitchen so you might need to be a little patient while waiting for your food, but defiantly worth it. Regarding the Indian food I would either recommend, Austur-Indíafjelagið (East India Corp) which has been one of the best Indian restaurants in Iceland for years or the Indian/Pakistan restaurant Shalmimar where I recommend the garlic naan.

      I hope this answers most of your questions, but feel free to send us an email at thefoodperv@gmail.com if you have any more questions or are in need of more recommendations for dining in Iceland.

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