Grilled Monk fish

Monk fish might not win the contest of being the best looking creature of the oceans but it certainly is the runner up for one of the tastiest ones. The meat is very dense and is there for well suited for grilling. If you haven’t tried Monk fish before you should try out this tasty healthy recipe.

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Grilled Mink Whale

If you have not tried mink whale, then you have a reason to do it now. This course is very simple and superbly tasty. Mink whale is similar to beef but has more of an ocean like taste to it and if handled correctly it is extremely tender and excellent for grilling. Just be careful not to over cook it as it will lose its tenderness.

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UNO Cucina Italiana

The restaurant was opened in January 2011 and like its name suggest, specializes in Italian cuisine prepared from fresh Icelandic ingredients. Uno Cucina Italiana is located in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland by a square named after one of the first settlers of Iceland Ingólfur Arnarson.

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Eggplant and mozzarella club with tomato confit

This is a club sandwich without bread and bacon but yet it is so amazingly delicious you just have to try it out. It is an extremely summery starter, both taste wise and color wise   which would go nicely with some sweet white wine. This dish is also relatively easy to make and you just need a handful of ingredients.

Just for the record you do NOT need to be a vegetarian to love this dish! so meat lovers don’t be shy to try this one out.

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Guacamole is great! You can use it as a dip with nacho chips, spread it over tortillas and tacos, just let your imagination carry you away. But why would you make your own if you can just buy one ready-made at the supermarket relatively cheap? Because it tastes nothing like home-made guacamole, you have no clue what they put in it (do they even use avocado in those canned guacamoles?) and preparing your own is just really satisfying and only takes a few minutes! The bottom line is there is just nothing like home-made guacamole!


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