La Luna Pizzeria

La Luna Pizzeria opened its trattoria pizzeria in May 2011 in a building on Rauðarárstígur which used to house a soda factory and a brewery in the 1930’s up until 1967. Since then some of the interior from the brewery has been used for decorations, like part of the brew tanks, which combined with other decorations create a unique pizzeria dining experience.

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Fjöruborðið Restaurant

Located in Stokkseyri, Iceland, a small fishing village of roughly 600 inhabitants, the Fjöruborðið Restaurant was originally founded as a café in the late 80’s. Since its placement on the shore of the Atlantic ocean it drew its name “Við Fjöruborðið” which roughly translates to “At the seashore”.

Fjöruborðið was ran for about three years as a café at which time they started serving lobster from the lobster processing plant next door and gradually turning the café with homemade lobster soup and cakes into a successful restaurant that can seat up to 240 guests at a time.

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